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Looking at leaves

Eucalyptus leaves decompose slowly, especially in dry weather. During the decaying process they change colour and are often munched on by nymphs, grubs and caterpillars. Here are four leaves I found recently with interesting markings and colours. Advertisements

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The humidity has finally gone and now the light is very clear. Late afternoon can be very beautiful.

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Coppice Regrowth

Nearly all of the trees in the Reserve have been coppiced. So instead of widely-spaced trees with enormous trunks, you now see clumps of trunks which have grown from underground root stock. The two photos below show new trunks growing … Continue reading

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Grey Box

It wasn’t very pleasant walking around the Reserve this morning. There were hordes of mosquitoes, spider webs were everywhere and it was very humid. With overcast skies and few flowers, it looked very drab. I was therefore surprised when I … Continue reading

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Yellow Gum

Yellow Gums Eucalyptus leucoxylon shed their bark at this time of year. The colours on many of the trunks during this process are stunning, particularly after rain.

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Native Cherry Tree

After all the rain we’ve had this year, lots of new¬†Native Cherry Trees Exocarpos cupressiformis have sprung up. The second photo shows the¬†small fruit and flower spikes of a mature tree.

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