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Rain transforms the bush

After the rain last night there was a dramatic change in the ground cover this morning, from dull green and brown to vibrant colour.   The numerous Christmas spiders and their webs survived the rains as did this Golden Orb-Weaver. The small spider is … Continue reading

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Spider Webs

Sometimes the early morning light reveals the full extent of web cover of the bush.

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Golden Orb-weaver

Finally I found a Golden Orb-weaver web on the right angle and in the right light so that the golden colour of the web could be seen.

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Those busy spiders

Austracantha minax is a common sight at the moment. Although the spider is tiny (females up to 8 mm and males up to 4 mm) they build complex orb webs. Mitch recently found this one in the process of constructing its … Continue reading

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Dragonfly for breakfast

I found this Golden Orb-weaver Nephila edulis eating a Tau Emerald Dragonfly this morning. The spider seemed motionless but after watching it for a while I noticed that occasionally it would move its legs to clasp the dragonfly more firmly. Apparently … Continue reading

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Golden Orb-weaver

I almost bumped into these Golden Orb-weavers Nephila edulis the other morning. They were right in the middle of the walking track. The larger spider is the female and the spider above is likely to be the male. There is a collection … Continue reading

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Garden Orb-weaving Spider

Walking through the Reserve at this time of the year involves dodging lots of spider webs or getting tangled up in them. I came across this Garden Orb-weaving Spider Eriophora biapicata hanging upside down on its web in the early … Continue reading

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