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Tracking the flower heads

The Grey Everlasting Ozothamnus obcordatus shrub is pretty inconspicuous most of the year. Green pearl-like buds appear at the end of July and by October this hardy shrub is in flower all over the the Reserve. The flower heads have … Continue reading

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Grevillea alpina, is the most common grevillea in the area and the only one in the Reserve that I have observed. As you can see it comes in red and yellow varieties. The common name, Cat’s Claw Grevillea, has been … Continue reading

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Gold-dust Wattle

Serveral variety of wattles are in flower in the area and look pretty spectacular. The Gold-dust Wattle Acacia acinacea stands out in the Reserve at the moment. There are hundreds of these shrubs now in flower. In the photo below you can … Continue reading

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Fairy Waxflower

Finally there is some evidence of spring. Yesterday I came across the Fairy Waxflower Philotheca verrucosa beginning to flower. The drought has led to this beautiful shrub either dying or shrinking in size in the Reserve. Hopefully the ending of the drought … Continue reading

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Wattles about to flower

There are at least three wattles in the Reserve: Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha), Spreading Wattle (Acacia genistifolia) and Gold-dust Wattle (Acacia acinacea). At present, Golden and Spreading Wattles have lots of buds and it is interesting to compare the two … Continue reading

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Spreading Wattle

The unusual weather conditions have led to many early flowerings this Autumn. One example of this is Spreading Wattle Acacia genistifolia which is not usually in flower till May. The photo below was taken this morning and blossom has been out for … Continue reading

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Grey Everlasting

Over the last couple of months the bright yellow flowers of the Grey Everlasting Ozothamnus obcordatus shrub have been prominent across the Reserve. It is one the most common plants. Now the flower heads are turning brown.

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