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A mating pair

Last week I came across this mating pair of Caper White butterflies Belenois java teutonia resting on a Chocolate Lily that had gone to seed. The female (lower one) is a bit larger than the male and has wider black borders on wings. … Continue reading

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Golden Orb-weaver

I almost bumped into these Golden Orb-weavers Nephila edulis the other morning. They were right in the middle of the walking track. The larger spider is the female and the spider above is likely to be the male. There is a collection … Continue reading

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Nymphal Skin of a Cicada

This the last nymphal skin of a cicada.

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Tau Emerald Dragonfly


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Tau Emerald Dragonfly

This is a Tau Emerald Dragonfly Hemicordulia ta which is found pretty well over the whole of Australia in pools and lakes. The adults are vagrant and tolerate a wide temperature range which probably explains why they are so widespread. … Continue reading

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Common Brown Butterfly

It is the mating season for the Common Brown Butterfly Heteronympha merope and there are hundreds in the Reserve. When not feeding they remain motionless on the ground. This morning I saw them landing and then immediately swivelling around till … Continue reading

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