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Hooded or Musky?

Among the many orchids in flower in the Reserve this spring are the Hooded Caladenia Caladenia Cuculla and the Musky Caladenia Caladenia gracilis. They are easily confused. As Geraldine Harris pointed out in the recent Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club Newsletter, there … Continue reading

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Albino Wax-lip Orchid

I happened upon this albino Wax-lip Orchid Glossodia major with two of its more common mauve relatives. The albino orchid featured was a delight to behold on a sunny Walmer day.

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The strange world of Greenhoods

The least common Greenhood in the Reserve is the Blunt Greenhood Pterosylis Curta.  While photographing one recently I inadvertently tapped its hood and noticed that the protruding dark tongue (labellum) had disappeared. After looking at some research into greenhoods I … Continue reading

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Nodding Greenhoods

You can tell you’ve found Nodding Greenhoods Pterostylis nutans by the downward bend of the flowers. There are lots of clumps in the Reserve but only on the south side which is more protected and moist.

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The Orchids are out

This morning I saw masses of Leopard Orchids, Greenhoods and this Blue Caladenia Cyanicula caerulea.

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Tall Greenhood

I found a Tall Greenhood Pterostylis longifolia in flower this morning. This type of Greenhood begins flowering in winter. There are three other Greenhoods present in the Reserve – Nodding, Dwarf and Blunt – and they flower in spring.

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Hyacinth Orchid

Colourful flowers of any sort have pretty well finished by now so this spectacular pink Hyacinth Orchid Dipodium roseum stood out in the bush this morning.

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