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Rain transforms the bush

After the rain last night there was a dramatic change in the ground cover this morning, from dull green and brown to vibrant colour.   The numerous Christmas spiders and their webs survived the rains as did this Golden Orb-Weaver. The small spider is … Continue reading

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A mating pair

Last week I came across this mating pair of Caper White butterflies Belenois java teutonia resting on a Chocolate Lily that had gone to seed. The female (lower one) is a bit larger than the male and has wider black borders on wings. … Continue reading

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After rain

  It was looking a bit dry there for a while but rain earlier last week has made the ground cover look vibrant again and revitalised moss and lichens.

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A new plant?

I noticed this attractive looking plant at the north end of the Reserve a while ago which I didn’t recognise. Frances Cincotta with the help of Bonnie Humphries identified it as Toadflax Linaria purpurea, unfortunately a weed. It is native to Italy, but … Continue reading

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Chocolate lilies out in mass

From late winter onwards the Chocolate Lily Dichopogon strictus is normally fairly prolific in the Reserve  This year the ground coverage and flower display has been extraordinary.

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Hooded or Musky?

Among the many orchids in flower in the Reserve this spring are the Hooded Caladenia Caladenia Cuculla and the Musky Caladenia Caladenia gracilis. They are easily confused. As Geraldine Harris pointed out in the recent Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club Newsletter, there … Continue reading

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Looking at leaves

Eucalyptus leaves decompose slowly, especially in dry weather. During the decaying process they change colour and are often munched on by nymphs, grubs and caterpillars. Here are four leaves I found recently with interesting markings and colours.

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