Hooded or Musky?

Among the many orchids in flower in the Reserve this spring are the Hooded Caladenia Caladenia Cuculla and the Musky Caladenia Caladenia gracilis. They are easily confused.

As Geraldine Harris pointed out in the recent Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club Newsletter, there are several ways to distinguish them. As you can see in the photos below the Musky Caladenia’s labellum is coloured only at the tip whereas the Hooded Caladenia has rows of dark coloured calli on the entire length of the labellum. The Musky Caladenia also has a strong musky scent. Finally, the column on the Musky Caladenia is not as hooded by the dorsal sepal as is the case with the Hooded Caladenia.



Top photo: Musky Caladenia, bottom photo: Hooded Caladenia

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